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About Me

I am a holistic health and performance specialist, energy therapist and women's self-leadership mentor. I stand for women's awakening and empowerment, so she may excel in the pursuit of her dreams without sacrificing her health, happiness and needs as a woman in a fast paced world


I merge energetics, health and performance to help women to reclaim their personal power by integrating their strength, vulnerability and self-expression to live their most limitless life that lights them the F up! on purpose and in a balanced and impactful way. Over my own journey and working with hundred of client I have discovered it is this trifecta that creates lasting and expansive results in your world

Watching my clients discover their inner strength, build the courage and confidence to stand out in their unique self-expression, and lead the life that they dream of, feel proud as they get up to big things that they once questioned possible all while doing this in a way that is deeply supportive to their biological needs as a woman, lights up my heart!

Over my life, I have built the skills and the courage to step out of my comfort zone and follow my heart, my dreams, and my visions, no matter how unlikely of success they seemed and how many people said I was crazy.

This journey of following my heart and guidance has led me to make big moves in my life, cities, countries, and career changes, while continually studying, learning and growing to level up my skills.

I am an entrepreneur and have built a 6-figure business while simultaneously becoming a professional athlete and competing on a world stage.


My passion, dedication and commitment game is STRONG!

However, I have done a lot of this in a way that damaged my body, mind and soul

I have burnt myself out and lost money by investing in the wrong things, and doing life the hard way.

I met many challenges on this journey, overcoming them and learning from them.

The result of all of this is that I have developed grounded leadership skills while embodying my  masculine and feminine energy in order for me to live a life that I love without having to sacrifice my health, wealth, and relationships, joy, passion.


Over the last 10+ years, I have studied with some of the top institutes and thought leaders in their fields of holistic health and wellness (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) coaching, fitness,  transformative leadership, sacred cacao medicine, shadow work, energy work and spirituality to develop a powerful, balanced and unique methodology to lead women into their awakening, self-discovery, empowerment and success journey

Through my extensive studies and my own personal challenges and successes, I have walked my talk and become a woman that I love wholeheartedly and am so proud to stand in my skin and my creations.


I work with ambitious women who are ready to take their power back in a big way and lead their life aligned with their souls.

Embodying the courage and confidence to stand out in their unique self-expression, making the seemingly "impossible" a reality.

I am a life transition and breakthrough specialist and support women to shift gears in their life and truly create a life for themselves that is limitless and the trifecta of energetics, health and performance truly makes this possible.


I am leading a movement, a vision of women standing together to realize the power that they hold within, that they can live the life of their dreams when they create inner alchemy and implement these powerful pillar in their lives in a balanced and holistic way

I truly believe when women heal their insecurities and are able to stand powerfully and unapologetically in their uniqueness, owning what it is to be a woman at the top of her game (in balance), this creates a massive ripple effect of healing and empowered, limitless living for every single human in the world.


So thank you for standing with me and doing your part.

Let's start shifting you into your true power and rising into confidence, courage, and self-love, and have you living your fully expressed, healthy self!!

You Boldest, Brightest, most Beautiful, Badass Self

Education and Certifications

Holistic Lifestyle Practitioner - CHEK institute
Hol Method Coach/Inner child work - JP We hlc
Integrative Movement Specialist - CHEK institute
Strategy Life Coach/Reikinosis  - Carl Massy
Universal Rays Healing Practitioner - Ashram of the one heart
Cacao Kuchina (facilitator) - Akasha institute of embodied leaders
Sound Healer - Lola Malika
Cert IV Personal Trainer - WAFA
Leadership Training - Landmark 


My own personal journey and thirst for growth have led me to seek out and study comprehensive courses that have all related to healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (above are a few)

Through this holistic approach to healing and personal transformation, I have combined the best techniques to work with my clients and their individualistic needs


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The vision and philosophy

We stand for a world where WOMEN stand strong and secure in who they are and what they want for themselves in the world.

While being supported by a community, a sisterhood that empowers them to shine brighter than they ever thought they could.


We believe when women remember their power and have the tools to harness their inner leadership they create a massive ripple effect of healing, transformation and empowerment across the world.


of being a badass in action with ease, awakened choice, embodied health that is deeply supportive to HER body and HER life. She gets to be ALL that she desires to be.



Gandhi said: "Be the change you wish to see in the world"

When every human walks to the beat of their own drum by belonging to themselves and believing in who they are, they think, speak and act differently in the world.

  • They lead with an open heart and fierce soul.

  • They create belonging and belief for those around them because they have stepped into a higher frequency and deeper truth and know that we are worthy of this innate power.

  • They are tapped into their body and what they need to succeed as a women and have a powerful voice to stand true and in integrity with their body no matter who challenges this

  • These brave souls don't play by the conditioned rules of society, they dare to be themselves, and they live LIMITLESS​!




Live, Love & Lead without limits

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