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Healing and Expansion in the quantum

Ceremonial grade cacao is a delicious heart opening plant medicine that gently and subtlety allows you to open your heart to MORE! More healing, more abundance, more love, more guidance. It is the center of our heart where our higher consciousness resides and when we live in alignment with our higher consciousness we live and breathe our highest potential and allow life to become AMAZING!!

I have witnessed and experienced the most profound shifts in myself and others by sitting with the cacao spirit in a ceremonial setting, it is a powerful and potent experience.

Below you will find many incredible healing journey's that you can purchase that will support you along your journey to your limitless life.


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Healing your inner child

healing inner child.png

reparenting and rebirthing ritual

This beautiful journey is a deep healing for your inner child as you connect and receive support from you in the now, your future and higher self to resolve and childhood hurts and allow yourself the innocence and freedom to be YOU.

As you release any hurt or disconnection from your mother and father you step into the becoming your own inner mother and inner father and reparent yourself. Aligning with the divine feminine and masculine essence within you to be re-born and allow the garden of your heart to bloom with that childhood joy and wonder once more 

Reconnection to Self

bring all parts of you into wholeness & harmony

This ceremony supports you to connect with many parts of yourself that you may have forgotten, wish to step into and express more, or resolve any discord with through using the powerful feminine medium of art and symbology. This journey assures you bring all parts of your back into wholeness and harmony allowing you more energy, vitality and peace to confidently express yourself in all your authenticity

reconnect to self.png

Chakra Healing

chakra healing.png

awaken and align your energy centers

Take a journey through everyone of your chakras to cleanse, clear any distortion, heavy energy and open and activate your powerful energy centres. So that you may allow pure energy and higher consciousness  to flow through you and into your life.

This is a deeply healing and restorative ceremony

Art Ascension Ceremony

access your goddess code

This fun and creative ceremony will take you on a journey to download your unique goddess code and create a special piece of artwork for you, that you can connect with and receive your goddess essence every time you sit at your alter. This will guide you to break though any creative blocks, step out of the logical mind. It will open your heart and remind to connect with and receive higher guidance and embody your feminine nature

art A CC.png

Freedom of the NOW

the now.png

release the pressure & fears of the past & future

Release the pressure and fears of the past and future. This ceremony will support you to come back into the present moment and energetically detach from where you are carrying negativity, worries and fear from the past and projecting that into the future. When we create our future from the present moment aligned to a higher frequency we can rest assured we are walking towards our highest potential.

Find the freedom of the NOW

Awaken your womb power

Returning to the power of your womb 

This powerful embodiment ceremony takes you on a journey back through the story of Egypt where the wounding of where we lost touch with our feminine power and created a divide and distrust within our feminine and masculine nature. Using your breath and body you will return power, love, life force, creativity, beauty and sensuality that is innately yours back the rightful place of your womb.

Fierce Feminine Leaders (1).png
Fierce Feminine Leaders (3).png

Past life journeying

Gifts, wisdom, lessons & healings of the past

Be guided through a safe and sacred journey as you travel through time, space and dimensions to connect with "past" lives and incarnations to create healing and alchemy, understand the lessons and extract the gifts and the wisdom that is available to you right now.

This is a beautiful and powerful process that you can do over and over again to discover more about who you are and the gifts you hold

Move into bliss 

Rewiring the body, mind & soul to bliss

This powerful embodiment ceremony takes you on a journey to somatically release tension, blockages, physical and emotional pain inside of your body, mind and soul and return it all to bliss.

You will discover the healing power and wisdom of your body as you move through subtle movements to create alchemy in your chakra and physical system, letting go of the old and allowing bliss and your positive intention to take it's place in your cells and throughout your entire life.

Fierce Feminine Leaders (5).png
Fierce Feminine Leaders (6).png

Journey into the unknown

find the pearl of wisdom you need in the unknown

Step out of the matrix and what is going on outside of you align with your inner world. You step into the unknown on the quest for the pearl of wisdom you are searching for. Transcending fear and living with trust and faith, guided by your heart, your soul, your spirit. 



keep an eye out for more potent healing experiences

We can't wait to share these with you

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