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Energy Expansion

Spirit Seeker. Soul Searcher. Mystery Muser


Heal the karma that is blocking your success

Access your highest potential


The answers you are searching for and the things that your desire to experience come when you are able to resolve the unconscious karma holding you in patterns of stress, chaos, doubt, sacrifice and struggle and align to the true consciousness of your soul.

I am sure you have experienced those OFF PATH moments when nothing seems like it is working like the universe is handing you challenge after challenge, when you have tried everything and still no change when you aren't even sure what to do any more

Living ON PATH and being able to connect with and trust that path and your intuition has never been easier.

It is time to allow your UNIQUE gifts to shine

The quality of your consciousness dictates the quality of your life


Universal rays healing therapy is one of the most powerful healing modalities we have available to us on earth at this time. 

This channelled therapy; done in person or online through distant healing works with pranic energy, plasma energy, the consciousness of the universe, healing angels and other light beings to clear the unresolved karmic energy across all time, space and dimension that your soul and higher selves are guiding you to heal so that you may step into the highest potential of the energy you have come here to experience and gain mastery over.

This modality is truly life-changing as when we are able to transform the quality of the consciousness we hold we transform the quality of our entire life. It is this energy whether you are conscious of it or not that is drawing certain experiences to your awareness. As you shift into the higher potential of what it is your soul is guiding you through on your unique journey you start to attract a higher frequency of thoughts, feelings, beliefs, people, opportunities and things into your reality.


It is universal law!

For this very reason that the results from this type of work are nothing short of miraculous. We aren't putting a bandaid over a symptom or trying to affect change on a purely logical and mental level but are instead getting to the root cause of what is creating separation, chaos and lack of flow in your life.

Those who understand energy and the laws of the universe know that this is the key to transforming not only your own life but humanity as a whole.

In combination with Universal Rays Healing Therapy and Kristy's intuitive coaching, this journey has everything you need to anchor these powerful shifts on all levels.

Want to take it even deeper and receive more 1:1 mentoring and support check out my most highest sought after offer



Soul Chart Reading

  • SOUL - Understand your mission and purpose, what you are hear to align to on earth so that it can evolve.

  • MONAD - Understand your greatest challenges, discover what you are here to release and resolve within your being

  • EGO - Your personality, discover how you see yourself and the image you wish to display to the world.

  • MENTAL - Discover how you think, use your intellect and how this impacts your life

  • EMOTIONAL - Discover how you feel, express emotions and how this impacts your life

  • PHYSICAL - Discover your relationship to your physical body (the vehicle of your soul) how you interact with your environment, life and manifestations

  • ANCESTRAL - Discover the gift you are here to give back to your family line, what you are here to resolve through your example - Walking your talk


"I feel excited about life again for the first time in a long time"

For the last few months, I have had resistance to EVERYTHING. I didn't want to do anything. I felt like I didn't deserve to feel good.

For a long time all I wanted to do was fight Muay Thai, my life completely revolved around it and since retiring I had no idea what I wanted to do and have felt completely lost and scared.

During healing and coaching with Kristy, it all changed. WOW, so much energy. 

Now I just want to do everything. I have a long list of dreams big and small. I feel excited about life again for the first time in a long time. NICOLA

What you receive


  • 1:1 soul chart reading with Kristy Renae to understand the energy of your soul and how to work with it to live in alignment.

  • Lifetime access to the online soul chart masterclass so that you can dive deeper into understanding and aligning with your soul path.

  • 3x 1:1 energy healing/intuitive coaching sessions with Kristy Renae to resolve the karma that has been holding you back, raise your frequency and live in alignment with your soul path.

Start your life-changing journey today



I only work with those who are truly ready to open to do this life-changing work and have limited spaces available in my books.

If you are ready to see these miracles happen in your life YAY, I can't wait to connect send me a message with the contact form below or better yet, DM me on Instagram HERE to see if we are a good fit for each other.

Love Kristy xox

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