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Energy Expansion Journey

Welcome to one of the most powerful and profound energy healing journey's of your life. This experience has been the catalyst for the most expansive changes in my own and my clients lives, I know I would not be living the life I love now if it wasn't for this modality and many of my clients have said the same.

This high frequency healing supports you to break the hidden and unresolved karma that is holding you back and shifts and upgrades your consciousness and when you do that you allow an effortless and natural shifts to occur in your external world. 

The Modality - The Process and The Experience

The modality used throughout this experience is Universal Rays Healing Therapy, a one-of-a-kind channelled healing therapy given to In'Easa Mabu Ishtar - ascended master channel, by the ascended masters. 

The Universal Rays come from the heart of Source. They are the creation principles that govern all sentient beings with free will in this Universe. They are the principles that manifest the divine plan.

These rays of conscious intention govern all manifestation into matter.

This powerful healing therapy supports humanity to heal our ancient wounds and step into Self Mastery on Earth.


The powerful consciousness of the Universal Rays is channelled directly from the Ascended Masters by the healer and sent to your chakras, meridians and energy bodies, as well as your physical body to shift what is in resistance or in deep pain so it can let go and surrender, moving you into balance in your life.

The Process

STEP 1: YOUR READING - The first thing that will happen is you will receive a soul chart reading, to understand which creation principles (Universal Rays) govern your life and support you to step into your highest potential through your specific initiations. 

  • SOUL RAY – This ray tells you what your soul has come to learn on Earth so it can evolve.

  • MONAD RAY (collective consciousness) – This ray tells you what you are being asked to resolve and release in your being.

  • EGO RAY –  This ray tells you how you see yourself and the image wish to show the world.

  • EMOTIONAL RAY – This ray tells you how you express your emotions and how these emotions affect your life.

  • MENTAL RAY – This ray tells you how you think and use your intellect and how this affects your life.

  • PHYSICAL RAY – This ray tells you how you work with your physical body (the vehicle of your soul) and how you interact with your physical environment and life.

  • ANCESTRAL RAY – This ray tells you the gift you are here to give to your ancestral line through your example – ‘walking your talk’

You will receive a PDF write-up of your soul chart plus get access to Kristy Renae's Soul Chart Masterclass so that you can go back and further embody your unique energy, lessons and higher consciousness.

STEP 2: COACHING AND INTENTION SETTING. Together we will discuss your needs and connect to your higher purpose and intention for the healing (what you wish to get out of this) we will connect to your soul for guidance and you will be taken through a process to discover your unique journey and path of initiation towards that goal. by the end of this process, we will know the karma we are releasing over 3 separate healing sessions. Kristy will guide you through a series of awakening questions to coach you and support you prepare for the healing

STEP 3: LIE BACK AND RECEIVE. There is nothing to do but enjoy the experience of the healing. Everyone experiences something different so it is hard to say exactly what you will feel during the session and every session will be different. Even though we will meet over zoom you may still feel high vibrational energy, such as tingling, twitching, cold or heat, you may get visuals or maybe find yourself in an almost sleep-like state of deep relaxation. At a point during the session, you will be guided by Kristy Renae to repeat a decree to break the karmic bonds that have been blocking your empowerment. It is a deeply relaxing and profound process that is done for you, there is minimal to zero effort on your part.

STEP 4: INTEGRATION. Kristy Renae will check how long you specifically need between sessions to integrate the energy received as it continues to work with you throughout the entirety of the journey. and you will get a PDF breakdown and write-up of what went on throughout your session

In this package, you may reach out to Kristy in between sessions via email to ask any questions you may need to be answered.

To get extra support and take your energy upgrade to the next level,

please take a look at Kristy's 12-week - Empowerment and Transformation journey as this will give you personalized coaching sessions, self-study programs and voice messenger access to support you to make the greatest changes within this time period - along with everything you receive in this offering. 

Or you may also look through The LIMITLESS Experience for those wanting a complete overhaul and embodiment over a 12-month period.

Your Investment


You pay:  $1,499 AUD Pay in full

Easy start payment plans are available


Want to discuss which option will best suit you?

Book a free 20min connection call with Kristy Renae HERE

This is a total experience

I love it


It is amazing to me that even though I did these sessions distantly, I could feel the energy as if Kristy was right there in the room with me. I love how Kristy combines coaching, healing and a breakdown of what happened and our mutual experiences, she is so genuine, caring and you get everything you need. I felt safe, supported and guided, I always feel calm and relaxed during and after the sessions and I know it's working. It has brought balance, harmony, clarity and self-belief into my life. It has allowed me to open up to receive and allowed me to truly let go, heal and stand in my power. This energy experience opened a door for me to let go of the fear that gripped me, to move forward, to trust to do and to be

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