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It is time to live your

Reach your potential - Live, love and lead without limits

Hi there Limitless Woman,

If you have landed here then I know you are a powerhouse, with a big heart just waiting to be tapped into and turned on so that you can freely express yourself as

the biggest, brightest, boldest most badass version of yourself!


  • You want to know how to live that life that is LIMITLESS and somewhere deep down you know that it's possible and that you are worthy of it. Maybe you have no idea how, maybe there are some flecks of self-doubt, but.....

  • You know you are destined for greatness and you are ready to answer the call of your soul and go on the journey to discovering that 

  • You want to embody your full potential and be the best woman that you can be

  • You want 10 out 0f 10 for yourself and your life - SCRATCH THAT makes it 50 out of 10

  • You have big dreams and you want to be supported in making them happen

  • You are not interested in living small, you are made for the stage, you were born to shine

  • You want to suck up every sweet moment life has to offer by living every single moment and desire to leave a legacy behind

  • You are strong and ambitious and don't want to waste another second of your precious life

I know this because I was and I am you! and I know what it is like to have big dreams and not feel like I am able to execute them, I know what it's like to feel alone on this path as you chase your dreams, I know your resilience and strength often leave you feeling burnt-out and stressed out and something just feels a little off, so you are probably also at this place:

  • You are tired of doing it alone

  • You are looking for a mentor who is a safe space for you

  • You want someone in your corner to support you on all levels to win in all areas of your life

  • You don't want to sacrifice other areas of your life or burn yourself out anymore

  • You want to learn a new way that is in alignment to you

Together we will take a journey as you embody and master the 5 pillar of limitless living to create your limitless life and unleash your potential

Pillar 1: Self Identity Mastery - Pillar 2: Physical Mastery - Pillar 3: Mindset Mastery - Pillar 4: Emotional Mastery - Pillar 5: Energetic Mastery


It is time to say goodbye to the old definition of being the STRONG WOMAN that has been conditioned into “I have to do it all on her own” that doesn’t feel like it's safe or possible to reach out for and receive the support that allows you to reach your potential in a loving and powerful way

  • Imagine in 12 months never feeling like you have to sacrifice parts of yourself and your life to reach your goals. 

  • Imagine feeling even more like your badass self but having found a profound sense of balance, harmony, peace, and ease in your pursuit of unlocking your full potential

  • Imagine feeling so okay with receiving support that this has amplified your opportunities, wealth, health, and love

  • Imagine looking at your life and feeling deeply fulfilled and so proud of what you have created and are continuing to create

  • Imagine your confidence levels soaring in all areas in such a grounded  way because you have found complete acceptance in yourself 

  • Imagine knowing  how to balance your masculine and feminine energies for greater clarity and success, living a life that is in alignment with your authentic self

so let's shed the limitations that are holding you back from 10/10 and have a lot of fun along the way, in a years time you will look at your life feeling in love with what you have created and proud of all you have achieved on all levels

Along the way, you will learn

  • That you don’t have to sacrifice other areas of your life to succeed e.g. relationships/family, health and body image, hobbies and play, love, career, spirituality

  • That vulnerability is not weakness but a superpower

  • That receiving support allows you to do and achieve more with more ease

  • That taking care of yourself holistically allows more of your gifts to come online

  • That you get to feel completely confident and capable in every area of your life

  • Opening up and being supported by other women and your partner

  • Taking your dreams and goals to the next level, courageously making it happen

  • Feeling fulfilled, enough and like you have won, regardless of the results - you remain balanced

  • Working with the natural flow of your body, balancing the masculine and feminine energy to create more fulfilment, love, and success by actually doing less

What is covered? 
It is hard to capture everything in this way but here is a snapshot
5 pillars to Limitless Living

1. Self Identity Mastery

Your relationship with yourself, how you view yourself, how you understand yourself in your limitations and being able to continually step into and live from your limitless self while working with your unique energy, underpins your entire life 

  • Complete clarity on your life and where you are heading

  • Tools to self-awareness and mastery over sneaky self-sabotage

  • Shifting from your limited identity into your limitless self

  • Aligning with the higher frequency of your soul and how to live in alignment with that energy

  • Living your lifestyle on purpose with your biggest dreams

  • self-authority mastery, never self-sacrifice or betray your boundaries again

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2. Physical Mastery

  • Become a master of your time - achieve more by doing less

  • Master your health and vitality to live the limitless life

  • Living in sync with your menstrual cycle

  • Balancing your inner masculine and feminine energy

  • Next level courage for taking action in the 3D world

  • Become a boundary badass as you build your inner strength

4. Emotional Mastery

  • Working with and alchemising your emotional landscape  

  • unshielding  your heart to create connection

  • Aligning yourself to feel deeper joy, connection love 

  • Effective expression and communication of your emotions and needs

  • Supportive processes to move from shadows to the gift

  • Opening your heart to receive, profoundly shifting your relationships and intimacy for the better

  • Master your trigger and reactions to speak soulfully

3. Mental Mastery

  • Calming, clearing and balancing the overwhelmed, busy mind

  • Rewire your thoughts to the limitless mindset

  • Breakthrough your unique mental limits to unlock your mental strengths 

  • Find mental focus and determination to make your dream reality

  • Working with the subconscious mind and mastering the unconscious

5. Energetic Mastery

  • Understand how to work with the universal laws

  • Learn to listen to and trust your innate intuition, strengthen your natural gifts

  • Be taken through deep energetic healing and realignments to clear the karma holding you in your limited self 

  • Learn how to work in the quantum and master manifestation

  • What is energy, how to care for, clear and protect your energy 

  • Become the creator of your life 

What's Included?

Full access to Kristy Renae’s entire course library taking you through all the pillars - VALUED AT $7,999

  • access and admission to any programs and or events Kristy Renae runs throughout your time together

  • Unlimited voice messenger access (during business hours) - VALUED $10,000

  • 16x Limitless 1:1 Coaching sessions (60mins) Fortnightly -VALUED $8,800

  • 1x 12-month Limitless Living Game Plan Session (90mins) -VALUED $750

  • 1x Soul Chart reading and masterclass to get clarity on your unique soul mission and purpose, this resource is like a life map and something you can return back to over and over again -VALUED $250

  • 2x Energy healing journeys (which consist of 6x (105min) sessions) these sessions will support you repair and re-write a new story between your inner masculine and feminine to embody a new level of balance and harmony within your leadership for all areas of life, raising your vibration and consciousness which has you showing up differently in life and manifesting with ease  - VALUED $4,500

  • Weekly accountability allows you to make courageous leaps forward in all areas of your life 

  • Personalized meditations to rewire any limiting beliefs that are subconsciously pulling you down. Allowing you to align and quantum leap into your goals in every area

TOTAL VALUE - $32,299 (see your special deal below)

I have gone from nothing to everything

1 year ago I was in so much pain and suffering and I couldn't see a way out, I didn't know who I was or who I wanted to be and I was struggling so hard on the inside. 

NOW, I have everything in my life, I am setting up my own business, I have amazing people in my life (I don't even know where they cam from), I live in my dreams location, I go to the beach everyday, I am healthy and I keep manifesting what I need. I am so happy I am crying, I am living the life I want and not the unhappy life I thought I should

This would not have been possible without the level of support and education I received from working wth Kristy


Your Investment

Pay in full and save: $14,444

Easy Start Payment Plans are Available

Please note this mentorship is by application only, there are limited spaces and not everyone is accepted


and schedule a connection call with Kristy Renae


Supporting driven, ambitious women, to live, love and lead without limits. 

Redefining what is possible for themselves and future generations.

We inspire belonging and instill belief allowing people to live the truest, most authentic expression of who they are with complete freedom and conviction

Kristy Renae

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