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5 things you need to transform your life for good

Would you love to transform your life?

Maybe this is in one area or maybe you are feeling like you need a complete overhaul, a 180 degree flip o what is currently showing up in your experience.

Maybe you have tried before only to feel like you got no where, or maybe despite your best intentions you never actually pulled the trigger on this life-changing, transformational shift you wanted in your life.

Where ever you are at, I am glad you are here and reading this NOW, because no matter what has got in your way before the BEST time to start is again right now, every moment you get to choose again.

One of the biggest things that get in the way of making LASTING change, change that you get to anchor into your life forever is F.E.A.R.

Fear is the number one thing that keeps you stuck in what I like to call the "uncomfortable, comfort zone" (why? its comfortable because you are used to it, it is what you know. Its uncomfortable because part of your really hates it and wants to escape it).

Your body and mind is wired for survival so anything that seems fearful and threatening is a NO GO zone, so if you have been beating yourself up about not making those changes you can give yourself a break knowing that a gazillion years of biology is at play in your stuckness.

The good news is you can make change, actually you can learn to LOVE change! You get to step out of reacting from life out of survival mode, to responding to life from thrival mode, to do this it really takes a holistic approach (cue the lasting change). I like to break this holistic approach into 5 different pillars as it helps the mind get around how vast and multi-dimensional we actually are and gets you on track to becoming a powerful co-creator in your life

Pillar 1: Self Identity - Gaining a deep understanding of yourself, how you uniquely work in the world, your triggers and reactionary responses, your true ideals and visions for your life, the limited identity that you have created keeping you stuck in the "uncomfortable comfort zone" and re-discovering your true identity as the limitless self

Pillar 2: Mindset - Your powerful mind is often what is keeping you limited and feeding your body, emotions, and limited self identity. Your mind has been conditioned to hold onto the known and the beliefs and ideals of others and created (often subconsciously) from a disempowered, un helpful and unsupportive space

Pillar 3: Emotional Alchemy - Whether your super emotional or emotionally numbed out learning to honor, harness and work with the emotional energy that flows through you has you releasing a lot of old junk weighing you down and ignites passion back into your cells. You can respond to life and open up to deeper states of enjoyment through alchemizing your emotional world

Pillar 4: Physical - Without certain physical practices and taking care of your physical health, nothing that you desire manifests, or it stays as an idea without the transformation actually occurring in your life. PRACTICE supports EMBODIMENT and INTEGRATION and this is what has all the inner work start to materialize in your physical world (changing your life)

Pillar 5: Energetics - Your energy is like your manifestor field, the energy you hold literally attracts everything in your world into you life. When you learn hoe to holistically read your energy, work with your energy, protect your energy you truly take your power back and feel in control in your life. This is where you really start to understand your limitless self.

You can start to see the importance of all of these pieces and how trying to transform your life from the outside in is a big waste of time, because you are at the center of it all calling it

forward to you.

HOLISTICALLY we take a look at all of it and work with the root cause so the transformation and empowerment process becomes a graceful one that LASTS the tests of time.


  1. Choose to let go the belief "I can't really change" "I am stuck" "It won't work"

  2. Allow yourself to accept the fear inside of you without reacting to life from that, give yourself some time to just feel it or journal about it, you will see the wave of emotional energy will shift

  3. Write down the physical transformation you desire in each area of your life. e.g.. Health: I desire to wake up feeling energized. Relationship: I desire to find a loving partner that enjoys many of the things I do. Finance: I desire a promotion at my current job

  4. Give your limitless self a name so that you can connect more effortlessly with this energy: e.g. if you had all the things you desired how would you be showing up? who would you be? how would you feel? What kind of archetypal energy would you be being, maybe a the queen or king, empowered woman or man, confident performer etc... there is no right or wrong with this.

  5. Acknowledge you somehow have called what is showing up in your life to you. Ask yourself this question: What might this experience be teaching me?

Remember transforming your life is a practice and takes a level of commitment to what you desire to support you on this journey

  1. Join our FREE telegram group LIMITLESS WOMEN RISING to get weekly support to step into your limitless self. HERE

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  3. Check out the self study program Self love and Success to give you all the foundational steps of these pillars HERE

  4. Check out the options to work 1:1 with Kristy Renae to fast track your transformation and empowerment and have you living the life you desire HERE book in a call

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