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Are you in crisis or awakening?

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Ahh the dreaded "mid-life" crisis, where everything in your life seems to start falling apart, it is like nothing fits on your anymore and everything that you have known and been working towards starts to crumble away. This can leave you feeling extremely shaken up, confused and vulnerable.


It is highly likely that you have felt these threads but are thinking I am way too young for a Mid-life crisis! If so that is totally ok, in fact, "crisis" is happening earlier and with more regularity than before.


What is happening is that we are in a great time of awakening, chaos has thrown us into crisis to initiate this waking up the process so that collectively we become aware of the limiting and often destructive ways we are creating our lives so that we can collectively raise our level of consciousness on the planet and create a new future.


With more awakening happening and more illumination bringing this about we find that crisis might be hitting us left right and centre at any age, stage, or time of our lives.


You are having a spiritual awakening, you are starting to connect with the higher aspects of you and attune to a higher vibration.

Great right?

So, why does it feel so hard?

Your ego and the identity and limiting ways you have attached to being seen, known, safe, valued, loved, appreciated etc... your entire life is actually what is crumbling away.

Your IDENTITY is having a crisis and it doesn't want to go down without kicking and screaming.


Think of a little kid that doesn't want to go to bed or eat their vegetables, even though its good for their health, happiness and way of life. They will fight and resist the healthy option and the innate urge to close your eyes for a rejuvenating rest. This is exactly what your ego is doing FIGHTING your soul that actually knows what is best for you and how to actually deliver you everything you want and desire without all the pain, struggle and suffering.

Because of resistance mode, the "CRISIS aka AWAKENING" gets louder and louder, bigger and bigger until it is so obviously affecting your bratty and often terrified ego, that it finally surrenders and allows you to move into the next stage and phase of your journey.

This is why the catalyst for change is often super dramatic:

  • Marital or relationship breakdown

  • Financial loss

  • Job/career change

  • Depression

  • Sickness, Dis-ease, injury

  • Death and major loss

We finally can't ignore these things right? and boy do they hurt!

Here is the brilliant news. The messages for awakening and change happen LOOOOOONNNGGG before these epic traumatic events occur.

They are often quiet and subtle whispers, little intuitive nudges. You know the ones we are taught to deny and ignore in our society! Learning to hear and respond to those will save you a whole lot of time, energy, money, heartache and pain in the long run!!


  • You are questioning EVERYTHING!

  • You feel doubtful about your current life and future "what do I really want"

  • You are thinking "WHO AM I"

  • You are feeling dissatisfied with what was previously okay with

  • You feel like you are losing everything

  • You feel vulnerable, raw emotional

  • You may feel like you are going crazy and struggle to connect with your friends and family

  • You are facing big changes

  • You are feeling resistant, you want to distract, numb and ignore

  • You are possibly feeling anxious, depressed, confused

Here is the one really important thing you need to know if you or a loved one is going through this

IT CAN BE AN AMAZING, EASY AND FUN PROCESS when you know what is happening to you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and get supported!!

This belief that is going to be a big scary and awful process is what holds people back, take a deep breath and rest assured that this moment in your life is going to set you up for so much greatness when you work with it rather than against it


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