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Root Chakra Health Check - Tips for health and happiness

Updated: Mar 16

Just like brushing your teeth or taking your car for a service, so to do the energetic centres of your being need regular cleaning and care so that they are open and active, allowing you to receive the higher vibrational energy and information that allows you to live in harmony and in alignment with your soul path.

These centres are your CHAKRAS

Often your chakras can be closed down and inactive which means that you are unable to get what you need to grow and evolve and are quite likely circulating the same consciousness thoughts, emotions, beliefs, vibration, and karma around that is keeping you stuck, impacting your health and the quality of your life.

Think about a pond where the filtration system is broken, the water is stagnant, it gets green, gross and mouldy and attracts blood-sucking mosquitoes to breed and take over.

Now imagine a certain limiting belief that you may have picked up either this life or another that isn't supportive of your health, well-being and the life you truly desire to live.

Let's go with the age-old "not enough" I am sure you have caught yourself saying or thinking this in some aspect of your life at some point "what if I'm not ..... enough"

Now can you imagine that belief getting stuck, stagnant and festering into something bigger, drawing life suker's towards you and perpetuating the "not enough" problem so that your mind, body and life get infected with this reality! NO THANKS

Now imagine you had a regular maintenance routine and were lovingly cleaning and taking care of your pond and when you noticed the filter break down it was an easy fix, so any stagnation and build-up moved through quickly allowing you to have a clean, clear and healthy eco-system!

I hope now you can see the importance of taking care of your energy and your chakra system. While you have many chakras and your chakras and energy bodies are communicating with and impacting each other all the time today we are going to focus upon one chakra


This beautiful energy centre is located around the tip of your coccyx bone and perineum right between your genitalia and anus.

This is literally as the name suggests your roots, your base. Your foundation in life!

The base chakra is a link to your ancestors and family traditions, it has a big theme around survival and anything that impacts our means of survival can impact this centre. Therefore it also relates to money (they say the more open your base the more money you can hold) and it supports the power you hold to manifest in life.

This begs the question what consciousness (divine and aligned or wounded and separated) is being manifested and affecting your belief in being able to manifest the life you desire?

The base chakra innervates the spine at L5/S1, and has an impact on your adrenal glands which play a big part in your flight or fight response in releasing cortisol.

Stress is the number 1 underlying factor that is creating such dramatic deficit in our health these days.

When we look at physical problems a closed and inactive root/base chakra can play a part in your will experience these sorts of issues:

As the theme is about our foundations and structure the bones can be affected, breaks and fractures and anything to do with the spine, problems such as arthritis and osteoarthritis. Particularly impacting the lower back, legs, knees and feet.

The blood and the ability to regenerate cells are also linked to the base chakra, this can result in blood ailments, cancer, leukemia and problems with immune function. Physical and mental lethargy.

As a health Base chakra helps you to stay grounded, take care of your needs and manifest in life. An unhealthy base chakra can present polar reactions around the same root cause including:

Hyperactivity, insomnia, feeling unsafe on the earth, suicidal tendencies, depression, self-destructive tendencies, feeling fearful and insecure.

being unable to provide for yourself or manifest your dreams, unable to stand up for yourself and assert yourself, hoarding and being over-materialistic, taking without thinking about all involved (survival), and feeling very limited and unsupported in life.

You will really struggle with lack and scarcity consciousness if your root/base is calling for some love

Because of the ancestral nature of this centre if you experience abandonment issues, feel stuck in childhood traumas and stories, or feel controlled and caught up by family values and beliefs that are carried through the ancestral karma from your bloodline your base chakra may need some love attention and healing.

The two archetypes I like to coin here as having an unbalanced chakra are;

THE BULLY and THE VICTIM who are both driven by fear and the need to survive.

A bully may be a bully due to their own insecurities and need to survive, it is the ancient and archaic idea of survival of the fittest!

Hello, we aren't living out in the wild anymore! We also have to be able to grow and evolve and decern when competition isn't healthy and is really destroying us as a collective.

The victim on the other hand may survive because of these traits, playing the poor me card to survive or negate the responsibility of surviving on their own.

NOTE.. the victim archetype is a right of passage and something that we all grow through, it is the hero's journey from victim to victor, powerless to empowered! As children we are reliant on our caretakers for a lot of our lives and in a sense are powerless and as we grow we start to own our power more and more and move through this right of passage.

The healthy and balanced archetype I like to think of is an EARTH MOTHER or A GOOD KING

They have a strong sense of self and therefore can't be messed with but at the same time are deeply nurturing and supportive, they live with open arms and provide for themselves, the earth and others.

They work with the universe and the earth to co-create a harmonious vision, they are dedicated to this mission of theirs but they know they aren't alone. They have a deep trust in life seeing, feeling and knowing the abundance all around them which makes them a magnet for more of that good ju-ju

This is the potential of an open and active base chakra, you will be vital and strong, and step toward your dreams as an individual while being deeply connected to all life. You also support your bloodline future and past to heal the karmic wounds stored here.


  • Where do you think you sit on the ROOT/BASE chakra scale?

  • What did you resonate with?

  • What physical issues have you experienced?

  • What is your desire in accessing the pure power of your base chakra?

There are many things you can do to help maintain your base chakra and if you are tuned into subtle energy you will really feel the difference trying out these tips.

However, I recommend seeing an energy worker to have healing to really support you to open and activate your chakras and promote that good energy flow physically, mentally, emotionally and out into your life.

If you are looking for something like this then an energy-healing journey is for you!

We work through all of your higher and lower chakras, your meridians, physical body, and energy bodies and work to release the specific karma that your soul wishes to release to support you to get back on your path and to your highest calling. Miracles truly happen in this space! Read more HERE


  • Colour holds frequency and wearing, connecting with or even eating food of the same colour as a particular chakra with the intention to support it in mind has a powerful effect on bringing healing vibes to this area. Your ROOT/BASE is RED

  • Sounds also carry healing frequency so tune into the chakra area and send an OMMMMM or any other sound that comes out to this space.

  • There is also a world of soundtracks on youtube you can search which will support this

  • Certain crystals are also very supportive for certain chakras and their themes. For the ROOT/BASE try: Red agate, carnelian, citrine, hematite, obsidian, smokey quartz, sunstone, tourmaline

  • GROUND! Get your feet on the earth, hug a tree, get into nature and feel your feet and your energy firmly on the ground

  • Practice gratitude! An attitude of gratitude is the fastest way to step into abundance and manifest your dreams - Check these supportive programs HERE and HERE

  • Do the shadow work and inner child work around any family issues still hanging over you and anything that triggers a sense of fear and feeling unsafe in the world

  • EMPOWERMENT - Remember you are the creator! You are never powerless and when you feel that way you are being called by your soul to step on the hero's journey and be the light not only in your life but share your empowerment journey with others.

I hope you got a lot out of this!


Kristy Renae

P.S. if you want access to my FREE chakra attunement meditation please email me with the word CHAKRA to gain access

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