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Sacral Chakra Health Check - Tips for health and happiness

Just like brushing your teeth or taking your car for a service, so to do the energetic centres of your being need regular cleaning and care so that they are open and active, allowing you to receive the higher vibrational energy and information that will enable you to live in harmony and in alignment with your soul path.

These centres are your CHAKRAS

Often your chakras can be closed down and inactive which means that you are unable to get what you need to grow and evolve and are quite likely circulating the same consciousness thoughts, emotions, beliefs, vibration, and karma around that is keeping you stuck, impacting your health and the quality of your life.

Think about a pond where the filtration system is broken, the water is stagnant, it gets green, gross and mouldy and attracts blood-sucking mosquitoes to breed and take over.

Now imagine a certain limiting belief that you may have picked up either this life or another that isn't supportive of your health, well-being and the life you truly desire to live.

Let's go with the age-old "not enough" I am sure you have caught yourself saying or thinking this in some aspect of your life at some point "what if I'm not ..... enough"

Now can you imagine that belief getting stuck, stagnant and festering into something bigger, drawing life suker's towards you and perpetuating the "not enough" problem so that your mind, body and life get infected with this reality! NO THANKS

Now imagine you had a regular maintenance routine and were lovingly cleaning and taking care of your pond and when you noticed the filter break down it was an easy fix, so any stagnation and build-up moved through quickly allowing you to have a clean, clear and healthy eco-system!

I hope now you can see the importance of taking care of your energy and your chakra system. While you have many chakras and your chakras and energy bodies are communicating with and impacting each other all the time today we are going to focus upon one chakra


This powerful energy centre is located between your genitals and navel (belly button) think pelvic region!

The sacral chakra is your creation centre and is deeply connected to the feminine creative flow. Think joy, fertility, abundance, life force, new life, literal birthing and birthing new ideas, new perceptions, habits etc...

Sexuality is also a big theme here and therefore 1:1 relationships and power dynamics (personal power) and even finances can all be related back to this chakra

Sexual energy is something that has been suppressed, exploited and abused in our society and something we all as a collective are still growing through. They say that 1 in 3 women have been sexually abused and that's only the ones who have come forward, not to mention the rest of the population and the energetic violation that is sexual in nature without the physical act.

In this case, it's probably safe to say that most of us are holding blockages, pain and unresolved karma (energetic interference) here

The sacral chakra innervates the spine at T9/L4 and has an impact on all of your sexual organs, genitalia and reproductive organs, your bladder, urethra, adrenal glands and appendix

Infertility is on the rise and dis-ease with our reproductive organs is extremely prevalent right now the issue only seems to be rising.

When we look at physical problems a closed and inactive sacral chakra can play a part in your will experience of these sorts of issues:

Any sort of urinary problems, recurring UTIs which could even lead to bladder and kidney infection, or incontinence. Wherever you are having trouble with elimination and water regulation.

Obviously, anything to do with the sexual organs from sterility and infertility, to performance problems, painful and problematic menstrual cycles, endometriosis, fibroids, PCOS and prostate problems.

Structurally we are looking at the pelvis, and lower back. There are many problems from knee pain, hip pain, bunions, scoliosis, sciatica and even shoulder issues that can all be tracked back to a misaligned pelvis!

This is quite a big topic, do you go to the chiropractor and need tweaks to your hips?

When I work with clients to help them get out of pain and optimise their performance, fitness and lifestyle, I have tools that measure the balance and function of their pelvis and posture 99 times there are issues here!

It is also important to mention here lower back issues due to an inability of the lower abdominals and deep abdominal wall to support your spine, while these problems need to be addressed physically, through corrective exercise, nutrition, and other potential lifestyle changes that aren't supporting you (a terrible chair while doing computer work for example). This is only part of the story!

You must look at pain, disease and injury holistically, mentally, emotionally and the whole point of this chakra series ENERGETICALLY!!

If you are experiencing any f these symptoms I highly recommend getting yourself assessed and working with a holistic therapist to get to the root cause and create an action plan for health a vitality. You can contact me at the bottom of this page to discuss how we do this.

As a health Sacral chakra helps you to create and re-create your life, to birth new life/projects into the world, and to experience joy, 1 on 1 connection and even abundance.

An unhealthy sacral chakra can present polar reactions around the same root cause including:

Feeling blocked and stuck creatively, maybe you feel that you are not creative at all.

This can also have you stuck in a victim consciousness as you create your life in every moment however, you may be unaware of this truth and feel powerless in your ability to create and manifest the life you truly desire.

As we have already alluded to this feeling of personal power over your body and sacral (sacred) energy, particularly in 1 on 1 interaction, it is here where we can start to see leaks of your own power. Ask yourself?




(because maybe there is a sense of fear and powerlessness underlying this need to have power over)

This could look like people pleasing, playing the martyr - poor me energy.

For example, I really want to go and hang out with my friends but my partner wants/needs me at home, so I stay home and feel resentful about it but at the same time like I didn't really have a choice.

This can look like co-dependency in a relationship even obsessive and possessive behaviour, the jealousy vibes run high here, due to fears of abandonment and betrayal.

There is an inability to trust others and also yourself creating indecision and not being sure of yourself and sometimes who you are, the lines of where you end and the other person start to get blurred and you can feel a sense of loss in yourself or like the other person completes you, creating unhealthy attachments.

This can also play out as addictive behaviours, especially sexually, having an extremely high urge for sexual release that may not even be about true intimacy and connection with the other person or yourself.

On the other side of the coin, we can also see a complete rejection and fear of 1:1 relationships, intimacy and sex, potentially keeping yourself isolated or only wanting to connect on a very superficial level, the potential fear of being and feeling violated, which remember doesn't always happen purely physically, there is a mental, emotional and energetic violation as well.

You may experience a lot of emotional instability, fear, blame, guilt and shame, which may become highly triggered around creativity and sex.

The two archetypes I like to coin here as having an unbalanced chakra are;

THE PROMISCUOUS and THE MARTYR are both driven by fear and the primal survival need for procreation and therefore one on one intimate connection.

The promiscuous use their sexuality to gain power and control over another, they use their sex and creative energy purely for personal gain, and there is no thought or conscious awareness of the other person/people involved.

The martyr we already spoke about, also ties into the survival archetype of the prostitute.

The prostitute archetype is something we all play into and grow through during our lives, just think about the last time you stayed in a job that you hated just for the money. You prostitute yourself out for something.

Just like the martyr you give your personal power over to something or someone outside of you and abandon your own needs in an unhealthy way. Often this brings a sense of self-worth and even superiority and pride. e.g. I am such a good partner because I sacrifice my own needs for him/her/they.

The healthy and balanced archetype I like to think of is a DANCER a BEAUTY SEEKER

They really are in love!

Not necessarily with another but with all of life, with themselves, with the simple act of breathing. They see and seek beauty in all things, what most people see as ugly and undesirable they see as the pure and powerful creative energy that this thing or person possesses. They are a dancer because there is a rhythm and flow to them and their life. When you watch a really great dancer it is like the music moves them, they are completely at one with the music (life).

You are a conduit, a vessel for your greater creative energy to move through you. Your visions, dreams and creative inspiration don't stay as just an idea but they get manifested into form and you aren't controlling about the outcome, you are open-minded and allow the flow of life to move you making pivots and changes an easy and fun opportunity for further creation.

NEW, NEW, NEW you thrive on subtle change, great change and transformation you know it is the way of life. Remember you are at one with this

You will have a strong sense of self, you know who you are, this is often accompanied by strong boundaries in all areas of life, especially one on one reactions.

You do not sell yourself short!

You have a deep respect and love for your physical body, you are secure in your sexuality and allow pleasure and joy into your life.

While emotions are a beautiful part of life you feel balanced here and use your emotional wave consciously and creatively.

Intimate and one on one relationships are easy for you and when they aren't you know that this is a perfect opportunity to grow and evolve into a healthier and happier spiritual being in human form.

This is a taste of the potential that an open and active sacral chakra brings to your life.


  • Where do you think you sit on the SACRAL chakra health scale?

  • What did you resonate with?

  • What physical issues have you experienced?

  • What is your desire in accessing the pure power of your sacral chakra?

There are many things you can do to help maintain your sacral chakra and if you are tuned into subtle energy you will really feel the difference trying out these tips.

However, I recommend seeing an energy worker to have healing to really support you to open and activate your chakras and promote that good energy flow physically, mentally, emotionally and out into your life.

If you are looking for something like this then an energy-healing journey is for you!

We work through all of your higher and lower chakras, your meridians, physical body, and energy bodies and work to release the specific karma that your soul wishes to release to support you to get back on your path and to your highest calling.

Miracles truly happen in this space! Read more HERE


  • Colour holds frequency and wearing, connecting with or even eating food of the same colour as a particular chakra with the intention to support it in mind has a powerful effect on bringing healing vibes to this area. Your SACRAL is ORANGE

  • Sounds also carry healing frequency so tune into the chakra area and send an OMMMMM or any other sound that comes out to this space.

  • There is also a world of soundtracks on youtube you can search which will support this

  • Certain crystals are also very supportive of certain chakras and their themes. For the SACRAL CHAKRA try: Orange calacite, citrine, selenite, moonstone, carnelian, tigers eye

  • MOVE! Dance, flow, and feel the rhythm of life. Specifically, move your hips! Often sacral chakra blocks will show a lack of movement in the hips or a hypermobility that causes pain.

  • LADIES! connect with your menstrual cycle! HONOUR your femininity!

  • Do the shadow work around your ability to dream, create, your sexuality and personal power

  • EMPOWERMENT - Remember you are the creator! You are never powerless and when you feel that way you are being called by your soul to step on the hero's journey and be the light not only in your life but share your empowerment journey with others.

I hope you got a lot out of this!


Kristy Renae

P.S. if you want access to my FREE chakra attunement meditation please email me with the word CHAKRA to gain access

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