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The number 1 hack to increase your performance & success in and out of the gym

We all know how powerful and important our minds are, and there is a multitude of research on this. MINDSET, MINDSET, MINDSET matters!

Your thoughts and your energy are literally shaping your entire life!

If you are in the performance world often what is placed out there is about having a STRONG mindset, maybe you have heard things like:

  • Strong mind = success

  • Battle/beating the mind

  • Never give up

  • Go hard or go home

  • Push harder, push past the limits

  • Just think "xxx" thoughts

  • This is how you have to think too.....

This all has a place for sure....

When you are meeting the edge in the gym, in the fight, and in life, the tenacity and resilience of your wilful mind can serve you very well (I have been there) it has probably got you results and here is lies THE TRAP

THIS IS THE OLD WAY and we are moving toward a NEW PARADIGM

THERE IS ANOTHER my opinion, a better way, a more holistic and supportive way.


Here is the thing if you are a strong, ambitious person who desires to compete in sport or push themselves past the limits of what they know is possible for themselves in their lives usually you will already have these tendencies toward a "strong mind"

You commit, you excell and you succeed because of of this which is WONDERFUL however what is often happening as you bullishly build that strong, untouchable mindest is that you start to completely override to innate messages of your body, emotions, soul and even the mind.

This is a dangerous slippery slope long term that will impact your performance, health (physical and mental), career and relationships in a negative way. This isn't conducive to the EPIC life that an ambitious person wants to live!

We need to understand the benefit of thinking LONG TERM about our lives and the things we want over pushing the edge in an ignorant and dangerous way to get what we think we want NOW (because that's the way it has been done before = the trap)

Your body is powerful messenger for our health and growth and for us to really WIN at life. We get gifted to us from the subconscious and unconscious mind, often through limiting beliefs, and physical sensations, pain, dis-ease and injury what is going on in our energy field that we may not see.

When we are constantly overriding these messages with "positive psychology" and a push through attitude we create a deep disconnect inside of ourselves.

You will have two opposing energies going to war with each other inside of you, those creates and lot of inner and outer tension and pressure in your life, which will lead to exhaustion, breakdown, burn out and injury.

FOR EXAMPLE: let me give you an example from my own life.

I had a deep UN-CONSCIOUS a.k.a unaware belief that I was not good enough and couldn't succeed in sport. This was reflected to me during my childhood as I always got picked last for sport and laughed at with my physical endeavours.

My lovely willful mind and rebellious nature thought "I will show them" and pushed myself past many so called limits in my life which was amazing! I told myself "go harder, be tougher, just keep going" and this is what I saw everywhere if you want to be the best you have got to be tough.

When I started to become conscious a.k.a aware of the "not good enough, maybe I cant do this" thoughts I felt a sense of deep shame, because thinking and feeling that way didn't equal "strong and successful" OVER RIDE MODE kicked in and I drowned those thoughts out with harder work. THIS IS THE TRAP because there is proof to you mind of what works.

Here is what happened next. My body started breaking down, I kept getting sick and injured, life was stressful and hard, I was exhausted. My health tanked as financial pressure raised, relationships fell apart and I developed an eating disorder and body dysmorhpia and I had to stop doing what I loved doing the most.

WHY??? because my "strong mind" pushed passed all the warning signs at the start that I was completely out of alignment and not powerfully dealing with the deeper issues trying to get my attention.

I was too strong for my own good so my body made me weak so I could finally listen, so I could finally get HONEST!!

Honesty is about getting real about those subconscious, unconscious, most likely undesireable thoughts and beliefs that are floating around in your energy field. It is about pure awareness and connection with yourself, it is the strength to see within, it is the strength in vulnerability and authenticity that when you learn to soften your mind toward yourself in this way you discover true strength.


no longer are you at war with yourself! These thoughts don't make you weak, they don't mean you have failed and the arent the ultimate truth of what you are. coming into harmony with them allows you FREEDOM and presence in your performance, your mind becomes clear, your nervous system finally relaxes and balances, giving you the energy and effectiveness to get on with what you love doing. You find peace, happiness and an inner alignment that is truly powerful.

Don't be so tough that it is actually causing you pain and taking you further away from where you want to be.

Ask yourself these questions...

  • Where am I at war with myself?

  • What thoughts do I push away?

  • What is my body and my life trying to get me to look at within myself?

HONESTY IS KEY and is the new paradigm of power hat we are being asked to step into. Everything that we create out of distortion, not enoughness will crumble and fall so that you can build again from a clear place, don't make it harder on yourself by buying into the old definition of what it means to be STRONG.

Kristy Renae

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