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The power within your heart

I was speaking to a friend of mine this morning and we got onto the subject of childhood traumas and the many tactics that we use to disconnect and protect ourselves in those extremely earth-shattering moments as children.

Here is something that is extremely important to point out, at these moments those earth-shattering things could have been completely innocent for example your dog passing away, your friend moving towns, getting picked last for sport, or getting a question wrong in class.

It could be an emotionally absent parent, your perceived favouritism of a sibling over you, it could be the high standard you were to meet in order to gain your parent's attention, the good girl, the rebel, the over achiever etc...

Or it could have been more obvious earth-shattering moments such as physical, verbal, or emotional abuse.

This is more common than we realize and unfortunately, the more that we brush these things off as nothing the more systemic the problem becomes, inside of our physical bodies (creating injury and disease) and externally (generational patterns and traumas)

We all hold trauma in our cells from either this incarnation or another, we must acknowledge our perception of what happened in our lives and how we feel without shame and the need for justification.

If this is awakening something inside of you, it is okay to admit to yourself and others how tough those moments were for you without needing to explain, just say to yourself "that was really frikking hard for me" and "when this happened I was so hurt"

Here is another thing that is extremely important, there is a point in getting real with what happened that can pull you into self-perpetuated victimhood that you never want to leave and with all that we are speaking about today if it isn't supporting your life and the life you desire to lead then we have to look at growing through these themes. (letting go for our own sake)

This can be the same as when we are unaware of our patterns and traumas before we realize these forgotten truths. What usually frustrates us into change is the fact that we react with anger in an intimate relationship, that the confidence to do the things we really want to do constantly slips through our fingers or maybe it is a continual money block, after all, it is these things wee deeply want to shift to live the most awesome life possible right?

Most often we stay at surface level looking at the problems in our life from the outside in, we use our logic of what we see in front of us.

Where the most important, transformative and effective place to start is at the root cause, we must look internally, underneath and beyond the surface, at the not-so-obvious. (trust me you will save a whole lot of time, energy and money this way)

My clients are often shocked to discover in their mid-thirties that the reason life isn't going their way is that there is an inner 5-year-old running the show.

I remember when I was first introduced to this level of healing and empowerment the blocks I was having in my performance (I was at the height of my athletic career) was my inner two-year-old trying to do everything in her power to be perfect so that she was shown some sort of love and affection, this was absolutely mind-blowing to me and made the most profound impact and breakthrough in my outer life that I immediately started to study and work with my inner child until eventually adding these techniques into my client work with astonishing results

So what has all this got to do with the heart?

We are conditioned out of listening to the innate wisdom of our hearts and our bodies often because these traumas were simply too painful or we were taught our needs and desires were crazy, selfish or whatever other words that resonate for you here.

So as a protection mechanism what do you do? How do you disconnect?

Distract, numb, punish, emotionally eat, over exercise, disassociate from the body and become overly intellectual all to avoid the heart?

See it is connecting with this power centre (which studies have proven the electromagnetic power of the heart is way way stronger than our logical minds) that allows us to break through our limitations and start to live a fulfilling and empowering life.

This centre allows us to start to feel again and transmute whatever has happened to us in our life into a higher frequency and deeper wisdom. Learning to open your heart so that you may live with an open heart makes you an attractor field for goodness in your life.

Can you spend at least 5 minutes a day starting to feel again?

Close your eyes and visualize as you inhale and exhale energy dropping out of your head and into the centre of your chest, your heart centre allows this portal of love to open you up and magnetize the life of your dreams towards you

I get it when you start to do this work it can be hard and scary but I want you to know and keep in your mind the liberation you will feel and the vision of the life you desire in sight.

If you desire to have holistic and integrative support in moving through this process please consider my 12-week empowerment and transformation package or look into my self-study programs HERE

If you are interested in working 1:1 please book a connection call HERE

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