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Why your energy matters

We are all made of energy it is what we are first and foremost!

Your energy shapes your matter!

Luckily with the incredible works of leaders like Joe Dispenza this is now is scientifically proven and documented, so your skeptic brain has the science to dig it's teeth into if that is what you need.

It is the science of the soul, of human consciousness as we know it!

Scratch human consciousness, straight up CONSCIOUSNESS!

I have been saying this statement for ages and I know it to be true. "The quality of your consciousness dictates the quality of your life"

again a widely proven statement through the rise of the manifestation movement, what all of these teaching are doing is working with universal laws, rewiring thoughts, beliefs, feelings and habits to create a new reality - Your level of consciousness that you are operating on is getting a massive upgrade!

This is essentially your energy, energy carries information (consciousness), Right?

Here is where you are probably going wrong:

When you desire something different in certain areas of your life. Maybe you want more confidence, a new job, the loving relationship, to start the business, or maybe your health is suffering and we desire to wake up energized so that you can go out and do the things we love.

Often what happens is you "try" to create that change on the level of matter - meaning you go out in your life and try to make that change and while this is an important piece to the puzzle and has its necessary place in creation it is only a piece of the puzzle.

The other piece is the energy work!

The level of consciousness that you are operating from and this is where I see people get stuck!

  • They get disheartened because they have been doing all the right things and still nothing has really happened, they are stuck in the same old, same old.

  • Another scenario, things have changed in the outer world but the same problems seem to arise. e.g. got the new boyfriend and a few months in he is acting similarly to the last one and you are feeling the same way you did a year ago.


What isn't being addressed here is the level of being! The consciousness that is creating the stuff that you don't want in your life hasn't been looked at or transformed.

THIS ISN'T JUST MINDSET WORK - I got stuck on this trap of mindset work for ages, I was dedicated and did it all to the best of my ability and yet I was playing out those scenario's just like before.

I started to feel disheartened and think "man, what is wrong with me" and now this is where we are starting to tap into the consciousness creating my crappy karmic loop!

It was when my soul led me to learn energy healing and I started to participate in mystery schools and work with my energy did I start to:

A. Understand what was happening to me and why I had been living life the hard way and

B. Actually do the deep transformational work to resolve the consciousness that was creating my outer reality of struggle

When you do this all that external work that you are doing to change your reality starts to flow with ease, it is almost like magic!

Before it is like you are peddling your bike really hard but the brakes are locked on (talk about unnecessary and inefficient effort) and once you start working with the level of consciousness and beingness boom the brakes are off and you fly forward with flow.


Photo by Jonny Kennaugh on Unsplash

Your consciousness AKA energy penetrates every cell of your body and every fiber of your life, either creating harmony, balance and flow or struggle, chaos and drama. I know which one I would prefer, what about you?

When you want to heal, transform and live the most expansive life in alignment with your purpose and soul, working at the level of energy and consciousness is where you want to be investing a large portion of your time, all the doing's are dictated by this state.

Over the next few blog posts I will be talking about your chakra system and how this is an effective way to start to clear ensure you are able to access higher levels of consciousness and share them throughout your entire body!


If you are ready to experience the EASY way, live life in alignment with your soul and shift your level of consciousness and therefore your outer reality you are going to want to experience an energy expansion journey


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