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The Transformation Temple


The 12 week 1:1 container that will complete transform the trajectory of your life

Babe I am so glad you are here.. 
Get ready to TRANSFORM

The transformation temple is the most powerful container I offer and the results are outstanding...

  • Have you ever felt like you are stuck?

  • Like you have tried everything to shift the trajectory of your life but it's not happening?

  • Felt confused or lost on how to actually move forward?

  • Shit just feels HARD? like you are dragging a heavy load of a really steep hill..

  • Waking up dreaming of the life that you desperately want to live but doubting its possible?

I have been there too! let me paint a quick picture for you!

I was living the life I thought I "should"....

I had the house, the relationship, the successful business and I felt miserable and completely stressed out.

I didn't know at the time but I was living completely out of alignment and I was way off my path.

My relationship was toxic and unhealthy, even though I was making 6 figures I was burnt-out and only had just enough money to survive, my health physically and mentally was deteriorating, the goals, dreams and lifestyle that I truly desired to be living seemed a million miles away. 

I remember feeling so exhausted and stuck that one day I found myself on the the bathroom floor in a wave of painful tears.

In my minds eye it was like I had come to a fork in the road and was being asked to choose which path I wanted to take.

I knew the path I was walking on was only going to lead to more of the same and that was a thought that while seemed safe, easy and known was not an option. As I pressed the fast forward button of the road I had been walking I saw myself 5 years down the track being and feeling exactly the same as I was right now (probably worse). This made my stomach drop and I wanted to be sick.

I knew it was the other path I had to take - I did not know what this path was, I did not know where it would lead me, it was a moment of complete faith and trust in my intuition.

I only knew my next step in getting on to that path, which was leaving my relationship.

I was scared, NO I was terrified! It is one of the most courageous moments of my life (and I have fought as a professional MMA athlete on a world stage) but I knew this was my only real option.

MY POTENTIAL and MY GREATNESS lied on this road, my soul was calling to me and I was ready to listen.

I got back on path and completely changed the trajectory of my life.


NOW I live in a holiday destination country, completely transformed the way I do business, my health is thriving, my athletic career took off, I am engaged to the most incredible man and have done fun things like acted in short films that previously I wouldn't have been possible for me.

My life is a 180 degree flip of what it was because I TRANSFORMED.

  • So as you look at your life where do you see that fork in the road?

  • Where are you pressing fast forward and in 5 years time knowing that same path is not for you?

  • Where are you ready to see, live, breathe and have transformation in your life?

  • Where is your 180 degree flip?

If you have answers to these questions then you are ready to enter the temple of transformation and

catapult yourself into the future you truly, deeply desire!

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This 12 week container is an intimate 1:1 journey that weaves together the most potent and powerful techniques for maximum transformational results.

This is the highest proximity offer I have available and is designed to offer the highest level of holistic support, which is often needed and the missing link to success, when moving through the spaces of transformation needed to change the trajectory of your life and live that vision you see for yourself FAST.


With the blend of energy healing (find more details about this methodology here), mindset and emotional regulation, intuitive coaching, frequency attunements and on tap Q&A's that is all completely tailored to your needs, not transforming is what becomes impossible.


What being in a temple of
will do for you?

  • Gives you clarity and power around direction and decision making

  • Has you feeling calm, peaceful, present in everyday life (get ready to kick the stress habit and drop the drama)

  • Allows you to move through big changes and transitions with ease and awareness

  • Cultivates deep connection of self. Self love and self trust on steroids = strong boundaries and a strong voice

  • Strengthening your intuition! The inner guidance system that always leads you down the best path

  • Your courage to do the things you always wanted births naturally, bring on new experiences and your wildest dreams

  • Kicks the unhealthy habits and sabotage cycles and replaces them with freedom and the ability to be in control of your life

  • Open you up to limitless possibilities and magnetizes the perfect opportunities towards you. HELLO SYNCHRONICITY

  • CONFIDENCE. Your inner power, sour soul gifts naturally shine


Cec, loved martial arts and dreamed of one day becoming a champion in boxing.
Despite training for 10 years she had never found the courage to step into the ring. With her feeling like her dream was slipping away and many aspects of her life out of alignment with what she truly desired she started to work with me.
Cec was able to transform her relationship, working environment, coaching team, relationship to her body and most importantly stepped over the ropes and competed multiple times.
With courage, confidence, clarity and self love to see her through she continues to work her way to the top of her art and is living a life she once dreamed of but could never access.


Stephanie is a natural born artist with a big vision and love for her culture.
Before her transformation she was struggling with her inner saboteur, the healthy and happy lifestyle she saw for herself was so easily over taken by unhealthy choices, habits, people and places. This really frustrated her after dealing with bouts of depression and fear from past traumas and seeing multiple therapists she had given up believing she was broken.
Stephanie has completely transformed her life! She is now owning her artistic gift, has been able to solo travel (before being to scared to). meet new healthy and inspiring people and feel truly happy. She has a solid plan to launch her art and replace her 9-5 job with her true calling


After struggling with life and feeling completely lost in her self after a long term relationship ended, Linda reached out to transform her life. She was dealing with constant anxiety, guilt and fear. She had no idea of what life was going to bring her next and this was crippling, in a job, lifestyle and home she wasn't happy with she was ready to get the support to see her through this transitionary period with power.
Linda's strength and self trust grew and grew to the point she was able to see so many possiblities for her future. She started her own business, found a new circle of aligned friendships and cultivated a deep that has her live happily, peaceful and feeling in control of her life and confident in her choices and who she is


  • The highest level of proximity and support with Kristy Renae over the 12 week period

  • 1:1 transformational coaching sessions that will align you to your highest potential and give you deep clarity and insight on how to get to where you desire

  • Energy healing sessions that will transform you blockages at the deepest level so you are free from whats been in your way FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE MODALITY HERE

  • 12 weeks of voice messenger access - This is powerful! Transform the things that are coming up in the moment so that you can shift into your new reality NOW. NO WAITING! (think of having a therapist in your pocket)

  • Access to 2 of Kristy Renae's cacao ceremonies that will support you to heal old wounds nad move forward with ease

  • Access to 1 of Kristy Renae's transformational online self study programs that you can complete in your own time 

*self love and success (match your inner and outer success)

*My designer life (goal setting with soul - Design your destiny)

*Fire Akadami (Heal ancient feminine wounds and step into love)

*Earth Akadami (The inner work to being a warroior woman)

*Air Akadami (master your subtle energy, become your own healer)

*Water Akadami (master manifestation with the universe on your side)

*Money Magic Rituals (re-write your money story and unlock abundance)

Transform Today
your investment: $4,999

PAY IN FULL and receive an extra online self study program of your choice to support you on your journey


I am so excited to  support you on your journey of transformation. I don't work with everyone and have limited spaces available. So please send me an message expressing your interest so that we can connect and make sure that we are a good fit to work together.

message me on instagram with the button below

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