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12 week -Empowerment & Transformation Journey

This 12-week journey is about you reclaiming your full power in a deeply supportive way. 

Imagine in 3 months' time having more self-love, more clarity, more confidence and the courage to do the things you deeply desire in your life.

True lasting change takes willingness, time, integration, implementation and support.

Maybe you have tried different therapies and modalities in the past only to discover that the desired outcome you were after was very short-lived and so you find yourself repeating the same process again and again.

Then this 3-month container is for you, it is designed for maximum transformation and lifetime empowerment, giving you all the tools you need in a holistic and integrative way to be the leader in your life now and forever.

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The transformational path

One of the fundamental and foundational things you will learn and embody is that your external environment is a reflection of your inner world and when you work from within this provides quantum leaps in every area of your life because you are at the centre.

Imagine the focus gets to be pulled back inward to you and knowing that that will take care of everything else on the outside, life becomes easier, more joyful, more graceful and fulfilling as you are supported and guided 1:1 by Kristy Renae through the whole process.

Many people are under the illusion and gripped by the fear that change is hard, they are worried about what they may find - firstly let me tell you this isn't the case but you can rest assured knowing you have someone in your corner the entire time to navigate anything that comes your way.

We will go through a process of getting complete clarity on your life and connecting you to your higher purpose and back into your heart, You will expand your mind and discover how to powerfully alchemise your emotional world and triggers bringing power, and balance and energy back into your body. You will be supported to rewire limiting beliefs and energetically release unresolved karma that is keeping you stuck allowing you to move forward, to make the transition you are desperately wanting to make with ease.

This for you if:

  • You are exhausted and burnt out from living out of alignment and do not have the support you desire,

  • You want to re-design every area of your life, so you have thriving health, business, and relationships, without you needing to sacrifice yourself any longer

  • You are sick of the usual approach of forcing, trying and following the quick fixes

  • You know there is a different way to transform your life but you are not quite sure how

  • You want to feel in love and confident in who you are and feel satisfied and fulfilled in life

  • You are looking for an extensively trained mentor with over 10 years of experience in holistic fields of health, physiology, somatics, spirituality, and leadership, where you will feel special, supported and have personal access daily

  • You are open-minded, soulful, and willing to and want to  do things a different way, understand your inner world and open up to spirituality that will have you feeling more on purpose and peaceful than you ever have before

  • If you are willing to break through your limitations and experience just how good it can get, you know you have greatness inside of you but haven’t been able to access it to the level you desire

  • You understand that in order to grow, you need to invest in yourself.

  • You are committed to your own growth, development, and goals and living a life by design


This is not for you if: 

  • You are attached to your current habits, routines, and ways of seeing your life, and do not want to change to create the vision of your new life

  • You are not open to receiving feedback, do not implement or take action, and prefer to do it on your own

  • You’re looking for a generic coaching program and unwilling to explore the shamanic/energetic world.

  • You’re unable to see the value in engaging a highly experienced and extensively trained mentor.

  • You don’t have time or aren't willing to take the time to commit to the mentorship and to amplify your life and can’t see yourself leaning in to extract maximum value.


What you receive:

  • Energy Expansion Journey - 3x energy medicine sessions  - VALUED  $2,250

  • Soul Chart Reading - 45min 1:1 session  - VALUED  $250

  • Breakthrough Coaching Sessions - 3x 60min sessions  - VALUED  $1,650

  • Unlimited Voice Messenger Access (during business hours) - VALUED  $2,500

  • Self Love and Success Program - Online self-study program, that gives you all the tools you need to live an empowered life - VALUED  $333

  • Money Magic Ritual - Online self-study program to support you to transform your relationship with money and invite abundance into your life  -VALUED  $99

  • 28-day manifestation and gratitude challenge - Online self-study program to support you to discover and embody true gratitude, the secret to manifestations  -VALUED $28

  • Soul Chart Masterclass - Online self-study program to support you to further understand your soul chart and the energy you are working with this lifetime - VALUED $250

TOTAL VALUE  $7,360 - your special price below

Want to take things to the next level?

For the woman who wants to go ALL IN on herself, her life and her dreams, master the 5 pillars to limitless living - Check out THE LIMITLESS EXPERIENCE

Your Investment: $3,799
Easy start payment plans are available

Open yourself up to amazing possibilities


I used to hide my vulnerability as I thought it was a sign of weakness and fear. Kristy creates a space of safety, empathy,  compassion and trust, it is truly a gift to be able to share and express feelings that I have shelved away for a lifetime.

 This is truly a rewarding process, I have such a sense of peace and clarity that I was searching for

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